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Help requested posted on 27th February 2019:

Seatbelt campaign effectiveness

We are finalising a Cochrane report on the effectiveness of seat-belt campaigns, and want to be sure we have included all recent research efforts in this area. If you are aware of any research into interventions designed to increase seat-belt use over the past three - five years, could you let me know? These could have taken place in any part of the world. Many thanks.

Marion Sinclair

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Response posted on 28th February 2019 by:
Julie Jones

T: 07769 915856

Seatbelt campaign effectiveness

H Marion,

Please could you send me your email address so I can send information to you?

Here at Oxfordshire County Council's Fire & Rescue Service, we use the 'dim family' - with reduced sized car containing beanbag family, plus foot ramp.

When we first got the kit we ran a pilot in a number of schools, with KS2 children, measuring their knowledge and attitudes before the intervention and again after. We compared results and it delivered the learning we hoped.

I'd be happy to you the results of the evaluation.


Response posted on 28th February 2019 by:
Katherine Ware

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Seatbelt campaign effectiveness

Hi Marion

We are about to push out an awareness seatbelt campaign during March 2019 - and using a mixture of social media and standard channels as road policing will be doing more enforcement concerning seatbelts during this time. I do appreciate that the social norm is to wear a belt but there is a core of hard to get to group who do not conform. I would be happy to share any data and would be interested in your report.
With best wishes

Response posted on 7th March 2019 by:
Adrian Walsh

T: 07887552708

Seatbelt campaign effectiveness

Do please take a loom at evidence@


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