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Help requested posted on 4th February 2019:

LHD HGV Accidents in the UK - Key Issues for Drivers

Any further research results following the addition of the Fresnel Lens and on the retrofitment of closer proximity mirrors? The Paper Number 09-0238 by Russel Danton, Alan Kirk and Julian Hill was the most fascinating and most detailed I have seen to date.

My interest is that I am involved in an EU funded project to introduce vehicle standards including Roadworthiness standards in the SADC,EAC,COMESA Regions where LHD heavy trucks traverse RHD countries and vice versa. I also wonder whether a "dashcam-monitor screen" type of solution may have been tried and tested. Kind regards, and gratitude for all the wonderful work Loughborough is doing!

Ian Charlton

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Response posted on 5th February 2019 by:
Andy Garden


LHD HGV Accidents in the UK - Key Issues for Drivers

Hi Ian, it makes an interesting read. I'd agree the greater risk occurs more so when they move to the right (their blind spot). The blind spot diagrams seem to omit the impact of Class V/VI mirror on RHDs.
Noted the idea about fresnel lenses, a rather marmite'ish item. Interestingly the TfL Direct Vision Standard (DVS) or the FORS Standard (S6) no longer show any favour towards them.
Dash-cam's are great, besides the quality-v-cost equation, they are also yet another driver visual load to deal with.
Have you explored the ratio of RHDs having similar issues driving elsewhere.
Perhaps driver training as much as equipment is also an impact feature!
Happy to discuss further if you want to PM.

Response posted on 6th June 2019 by:
Michael Eastwood


LHD HGV Accidents in the UK - Key Issues for Drivers

Dear Ian,

My company, Lens-Tech, is the worldwide supplier and manufacturer of 2nd Generation Fresnel Lenses which have been procured by Highways England, Transport for London, MOD, Transport Scotland and many large haulage associations and fleet companies.

We are interested to learn more about the EU funded project to introduce vehicle standards including Road-worthiness standards in the SADC,EAC & COMESA Regions. As such, I would welcome the opportunity to communicate with you and, if you feel it appropriate, provide you with additional information pertaining to Fresnel Lenses and how they are proven to reduce avoidable vehicular blindspot accidents.

Please do feel free to contact me at any time.

Best regards, Michael.

Michael Eastwood
Lens-Tech Company Limited
t: +44 (0)2381 800159

“Increasing Visibility - Decreasing Risk”

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