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Help requested posted on 31st January 2019:

Road safety education resources for blind children

'Kia ora' from sunny New Zealand! I'm interested in whether anyone has developed educational road safety resources for blind children? A couple of schools here in New Zealand have been telling our Police School Community Officers that their blind pupils are beginning to have problems with very quiet hybrid cars. So I'm keen to know if anyone has already worked with schools on this issue (or on other road safety issues for blind children). Cheers, Roly Hermans (New Zealand Police)

Roly Hermans

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Response posted on 7th February 2019 by:
Kerri Cheek


Road safety education resources for blind children

Hi Roly

This won't particularly help with existing quiet running vehicles, but UNECE Regulation 138 stipulates that an artificial sound must be added to quiet running (electric or hybrid electric) vehicles on new models from September 2019 and on all new vehicles from September 2022.

In London, we have included this in our new Bus Safety Standard and I'm currently exploring retrofitting this to buses.

Sorry I can't be of more help to you.

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