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Help requested posted on 29th January 2019:

Junior Road Safety Officer Scheme

I want to update our JRSO Newsletters and Competitions. Has anyone got examples that worked well for them? Thank you.

Caron Twamley

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Response posted on 30th January 2019 by:
Kate Castle


Junior Road Safety Officer Scheme

Hi Caron,

Warwickshire County Council run a Junior Road Safety Officer scheme and send out a monthly newsletter, which I would be more than happy to share with you.

With regards to competitions, again please do get in contact for further information.


Kate Castle

Response posted on 31st January 2019 by:
Imogen Leonard


Junior Road Safety Officer Scheme

Hi Caron

I'd be interested to know what you already have in place as I am just putting a scheme together. Can you share what you have so far?
Thanks in advance.


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