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Help requested posted on 16th January 2019:

Speed activated traffic lights

Welcome hearing if from others with experience of installing speed activated traffic lights as a measure in reducing speeding drivers.


Francis Bernstein

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Response posted on 19th January 2019 by:
Jeff Harrison


Speed activated traffic lights

Brilliant idea. Have seen them work in villages in Italy. I wish that we could have a set in our village.

It is vital to have warning signs ahead of the lights and effective APNR to pursue motorists that ignore the red light.

Response posted on 26th January 2019 by:


Speed activated traffic lights

This idea was trialed in Croydon and works really well.
After making the connection with the lights changing to my speed I always kept below the limit so I didn't need to stop. Although there were no signs it became quite obvious my speed was making them change.

Response posted on 28th January 2019 by:
Derek Williamson

T: 01412727390

Speed activated traffic lights

Following the success of the scheme on the A78 in Fairlie, we are continuing to monitor a pilot study on the use of similar technology at two sites on the A75 in the village of Springholm. Monitoring of traffic speeds through the village are showing positive results in relation to speed reduction.

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