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Help requested posted on 16th January 2019:


Has anyone had experience of trialling a Bikeability scheme where pupils have to 'opt out' rather than 'opt in'?

Matthew McDonald

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Response posted on 18th January 2019 by:
Mark Symonds

T: 01314693817


Hi Matthew,

In Edinburgh most schools offer Bikeability 2 as part of the curriculum. Parents or carers need to opt their kids out if they don't want them to participate. It does mean we need to provide fleets of bikes to carry it out in some but overall we find few opt out.

Response posted on 20th January 2019 by:
David Showell

T: 07841678664


Hi Matthew
We have indeed tried this.
Feel free to give me a call to discuss

Response posted on 22nd January 2019 by:
Caroline Lane



I try and encourage all of our schools to do this - it's an important life skill! It works well, you do need loan bikes occasionally and there will be the odd non cyclist (even in year 6), but it also avoids parents trying to sign their children up once the course has started because they missed the letter/didn't realise how important the course was/their child is missing out!

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