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Help requested posted on 16th January 2019:

Cycle Training Booking Systems

Our current online cycle training booking/management system is being withdrawn in April so we need to find an alternative urgently. We need it to be able to take online bookings & payment, allocate instructors and have feedback/monitoring options. What systems do people use please?

Emma Downey

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Response posted on 21st January 2019 by:
Hilary Wicks


Cycle Training Booking Systems

Good morning, we are currently undertaking a new online booking/payments process with a company called Clarity. The system should be in fully working order by April, if you would like more information please email me and I will give you their contact details.
Best wishes

Response posted on 22nd January 2019 by:
Angela Merrills

T: 01482395610

Cycle Training Booking Systems

We have been using a new online system for the past 6 months with a company called coordinate. It covers everything you have mentioned and a bit more. Please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call if you would like further information about it.

Response posted on 23rd January 2019 by:
David Sharpington


Cycle Training Booking Systems

we have one, commissioned by the cycle training team specifically for our needs.

We have been wondering if others might find it useful - so our developer has out up a quick intro to the site at: .

We've been using it for three years an developing it as we go along so it's thoroughly road tested.

It's a web-based system - Instructors, schools and admin login to use it, there is a public interface for private training with online payment.

Hope that is of use.

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