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Help requested posted on 11th January 2019:

Adult pedestrian training/refresher/reminder

We know a lot about devising training for and refreshing pedestrian skills for children and young people. What do you do for people of a certain age? Examples, please, of leaflets, website pages, scripts, powerpoints ... which you've used to remind those on foot how best to behave.

Nick Ellis

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Response posted on 1st February 2019 by:
Liz Johnson

T: 07800702979

Adult pedestrian training/refresher/reminder

Hi Nick
I am also looking at this, and have found very little, other than council delivered training to KS2 children (primary up to age 11).
if you have had any replies, with ideas, I would be very grateful.
Safer Roads partnership in Essex looked into pavement art (spray painting the BeeGees silhouette from "staying alive" outside pubs / clubs to direct pedestrians to the best place to cross the road, which I thought was a great idea.
I am looking at getting a sign on busses to think about where are you going to cross after getting off the bus. a lot of pedestrian injuries occur near to bus stops!
do get in touch please

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