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Help requested posted on 10th December 2018:

Safer Fitter Greener Games Mats

We are looking to replace our Safer Fitter Greener Games mats, which we purchased from Fresco, however they are no longer producing them. Does anyone know of anywhere else which produces something similar, or have used ones they are looking to sell on? They are a flexi magnetic mat with magnetic labels and pictures which we use to encourages children to create a safer journey to school etc. The ones we currently have are approx. 1 metre in length and used on table tops.

Martina Byrne-Obee

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Response posted on 11th December 2018 by:
Kerry Burgoyne


Safer Fitter Greener Games Mats

Here at Keltic we supply the Street Feet kit.

This is designed to help children practice crossing the road safely whilst being in a safe environment.
This enables children to play the role of a different road user allowing them to become aware of road patterns and their responsibilities.

Improved slip resistance material
Our new roads and pavement material for Street Feet and Cross Roads is heavy weight, non-fraying and slip resistant. Giving you added confidence for the children's safety but also the longevity of your kits.

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